E Cig Box Mods

E-cigarettes can be confusing for a complete beginner. There are many different types of devices, and there are a lot of brands to choose from. There are disposable e-cigs, beginner level e-cigs, mechanical mods, box mods and some other types of devices.

It can get confusing if you don’t know how to choose the right device for your personal use. In the article below, you will learn everything you wanted to know about the box mods.

What Are E-Cig Box Mods?

Before you begin learning about box mods, you need to understand the history of electronic cigarettes. When electronic cigarettes were first launched in the market, they were shaped like the analog cigarettes so that consumers could feel like having a real cigarette. The consumers were naturally skeptical.

However, once consumers understood that they were able to stop smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes, they wanted more from this amazing device. After all, they were not just concerned with the looks of the cigarette as they understood the benefits of this product and wanted something that was not as restrictive as the beginner electronic cigarettes as you will see in any e cigarette review that you look at.

This was when innovation took off in the e-cigarette industry, and a variety of devices were introduced by various manufacturers. This is when devices that allowed users to control the temperature, voltage, and other things started coming in. Over the past few years, some high tech devices with smart chips have been launched in this market to cater to the user demands.

One of the most popular devices that have come out over the years in this industry is the box mods. In simple terms, it may be defined as a small box that houses batteries, a circuit and a smart chip that allow the users to control a variety of aspects of vaping as seen with https://www.ecassoc.org/electronic-cigarettes/.

Most box mods available on the market today are rectangular in shape and look nothing like traditional e-cigarettes. Some high-end mods can also house two batteries that allow users to keep vaping for a much longer period before they need to recharge the batteries.

Though a vast majority of the box mods sold in the market today are regulated mods, there are also unregulated box mods. The unregulated mods do not offer as much control as regulated mods and are widely preferred by a small subset of vapers for various reasons.

Benefits of Box Mods

One of the biggest advantages of box mods is that these offer complete control to the user. The user can change the voltage, wattage, and several other aspects to enhance their overall vaping experience. The advantage of manipulating wattage and voltage is that many users find particular e-liquids flavorful only at certain temperatures, and that can only be reached by adjusting the voltage and wattage. It’s important to consider all of this with the best e-liquid decisions you have.

Similarly, some people live the vapors warm whereas others like them a bit less hot and this can also be achieved through changing voltage and wattage.

Another advantage of box mods is that these are much safer to operate as compared to mechanical mods. The advanced technology available in box mods today comes with some safety features such as automatic shut down if it is not being used for 10 seconds.

Some of the other safety features in today’s box mods include short circuit protection, over charging protection and other such things. In simple terms, it can be said that even beginners can start using box mods without any concerns for safety.

Box mods are much easier to use as compared to mechanical mods. As mentioned above, mechanical mods are unregulated which means the user needs to know about voltage, wattage, current, resistance and a lot of other things to make sure they can vape safely. On the other hand, box mods can be used out of the box with your favorite atomizer. Also, box mods allow you to manage all the aspects of the vaping experience.

Box mods are also much more durable as they are made for casual users. Box mods can also have multiple batteries which mean you won’t need to keep recharging batteries now and then.

Overall, these are some of the major advantages of box mods. If you are currently looking for a device to enhance your vaping experience, you should look into some highly rated box mods.

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